How to write a pet sitter profile

She was doing quite well and at the time, no active medication was required. Lisa met with me and really set my mind at ease.

How to Advertise for a Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Business

Leave cleaning supplies in plain sight, including an enzymatic deodorizer and paper towels. Three meals a day? Earlier our cat Sassy was diagnosed with kidney disease.

I know our little Luigi was loved and well taken care of. Also, make sure that you have a friend or relative that can watch your pet in case of an extreme emergency.

How to Make Money Dog Sitting With Rover

You have three options — board him, leave him with a relative, or hire a pet sitter or ask a neighbor, relative, or friend to act as the pet sitter.

We have known Rachel for the past eight years. Hello, there my name is Leslie Alvarez. They were instrumental is reuniting us with our beloved Peaches: When will the visits be and how long will they last? Write down the names and dosage information for all of your dog's medications and show the sitter how to administer them.

How many visits will occur each day? During that time, my wife and I have taken many trips. Ever since I was a little girl, animals have always been my passion.

Page 1 of 4: My calls are always returned promptly and I can rest easy knowing that my pets are well cared for when I am away. We trust Rachel completely.

Write a Pet Sitter Guide

Thank you dear Lu! Stapler What You Do: She provided peace of mind for me. It was hard to even think about any vacation because it meant we had to find the best babysitter for Leonardo. So, we left with feeling that our boy will be fine. Page 1 of 5: Are you willing to come to our home and interact with our pet?

Make sure that the sitter has a partner or a backup plan in case he or she can't complete the duties. Definitely a five-star service! I have been using House Calls Pet Sitting for many years. I hope I get the chance to meet and care for your furry kids!Pet sitting visits are usually done at roughly the same time each day to keep the continuity for the dogs, cats and/or birds (yes, even animals like a little bit of structure).

Most cat visits are once a day and that time can (usually) be whatever works into your schedule.

Hiring a Pet Sitter

If the visits are twice a day for dogs and cats then please do one visit in the morning between a.m. and one visit in. By far, she has been the best pet sitter I've had.

Pet Sitter – Job

I would really like to keep using her from here on out as the pet sitter for my cats. I would really like to keep using her from here on out as the pet sitter. Pet Sitter in Koeln Seeks Pet Sitter Job. wiktoria's Pet Sitter Profile Profile Photos (0) Videos (0) Reports (0) Interview Documents (0) Sent Messages Notes Au Pair Nanny Babysitter Pet Sitter.

Aug 30,  · I have a BA in English/Creative Writing, but I'm a pet sitter/dog walker with my own business (no employees). I'm not sure how to list it on my resume, aside from putting "Owner/Pet Sitter/Dog Walker" (I dont want to just put "owner" b/c I want it to be clear taht I do all the work and don't just run the books).

If you’re interested in house sitting abroad detail this on your profile. Include information relevant to your experience of travel and your desire to explore the world.

Turning your profile into a lengthy essay is not going to do you any favours so remember to keep it as succinct as possible while portraying everything you feel is of relevance.

Vacation Checklist for Your Dog Sitter

Whether you're a pet sitter or dog walker looking for jobs, here are tips for creating a profile that gets results. Many people view their pets as important members of their family. And they look for pet care that offers the best possible service for their furry loved ones.

How to write a pet sitter profile
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